Census Workshop: What You Need to Know About the 2010 Census

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Summer 8-21-2009


The decennial census has been called the statistical national family portrait that is taken every ten years. The constitutionally mandated census counts heads, families, housing facts, and social, demographic and economic characteristics. The results may alter the boundaries of legislative districts, the apportionment of legislators within a district and allocated government funding. This workshop covers important changes that researchers and information providers must know about the 2010 census. The session includes virtual tours of resources and hands-on practice with web-based information sources for attendees.


census, statistics, demographics


American Community Survey Design and Methodology paper available at http://www.census.gov/acs/www/Downloads/tp67.pdf It has not been determined if National Archives Records Administration will release ACS individual records in 72 years.

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Ms. Henning has been Coordinator of the State Data Center Program at the State Library of Iowa since 1989. She is also Iowa's liaison to the U.S. Census Bureau for population estimates and projections, and is the liaison for the 2010 census.


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