Exploring Energy Information: Research Methods Using DOE Databases

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Spring 5-19-2009


As energy independence, demands for innovation in the automobile industry, and a revitalized infrastructure gain urgency in public policy discussions accessing energy research has become increasingly important for the research communitiy and for state and local planners. During this training session DOE databases are explored, query formulation discussed and database-specific search methods practiced. Introduction and History (0:01:00-0:25:14.06) Federated Search Products (0:25:14:07) Science.gov (0:39:21.00) World Wide Science (0:48:23.00) Information Bridge (0:54:04:00) MARC Records (1:17:19:00) Document Discussion/Alerts (1:28:08) Energy Citations Database (1:31:15) Other OSTI Collections (1:45:20) Contact Information (2:12:45)


energy, technical reports, research

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Tim Byrne (M.L.S.) has been with the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical Information in Oak Ridge, TN since November 2007. Prior to that time, he gained significant experience with OSTI databases and DOE technical reports during 23 year tenure as Head of the Government Publications Library at the University of Colorado at Boulder, home to one of the largest technical report collections in the U.S. Mr. Byrne has been active in professional associations, including the American Library Association Government Documents Round Table since 1978 and has served as Chair of the Federal Depository Library Council, an advisory group to the Public Printer of the Government Printing Office.


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