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GIRL: A Labyrinth Dark was an experimental gallery piece that combined projections, dance, circus arts, puppetry and traditional theatre techniques to explore the non-linear way the brain processes the trauma of sexual assault.

The main goal of the design of this piece was to create a world which could be visually and physically manipulated by an ensemble (The Muses) to antagonize and obstruct the protagonist’s (Girl) journey. These obstructions were to appear as a tangible manifestation of the way the brain cordons off memories that are too stressful for the body to handle.

In terms of lighting design, this was a project that demanded creativity. With no budget and limited resources, the goal of creating an amorphous void which at one moment could appear abysmal and the next moment be filled with projections of text and imagery seemed almost impossible. However, through the combination of both digital and analog projection, we created something that celebrated the spirit of the text.

The term “analog projection” can be defined here as a projection style that utilizes a medium other than a computer, digital projector or TV. In GIRL, this medium was an old-school overhead projector, transparencies and food coloring. This allowed us to create visceral, highly pigmented lighting effects directly on performers’ bodies in a way that reflected the fulcrum on which this universe spun: real-time manipulation of the world in an effort to obstruct Girl’s path.


Girl: A Labyrinth Dark


Theatre B


Spring 2017

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