For Reviewers:

Article manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Multidisciplinary Studies (from here on, Mathal) are reviewed by experts. An article is published if, at minimum, two out of three reviewers recommend so. Peer-reviewers play a critical role in maintaining the rigor and credibility of works of scholarship and refereed journals like Mathal. Therefore, we sincerely thank all those who offer their time and expertise to review for Mathal. We also invite specialists and scholars to join us.

Requirements of Peer-Reviewers

Reviewers must meet these conditions for the editorial staff to be able to assign them submissions:

  • Hold a doctoral degree in relevant field of Mathal,
  • Hold a teaching or research position at an academic institution,
  • Fluent in English and the language in which the article is written,
  • Be able to submit a report within the allotted time, and
  • Adhere to Ethics & Professional Responsibility for Reviewers.
  • Being a peer-reviewer is a voluntary service, Mathal provides no payment for peer-reviewers and collects no fees from authors. If you are interested in the peer-reviewer position with Mathal and meet all the requirements above, please fill out the application form. The editorial board will verify information on the application before approval. Once approved, reviewers will become members of Mathal’s Editorial Board, allowing them to enter this role on their CV. In addition, the most generous and consistent peer-reviewers at any given cycle may receive Mathal’s Peer-Reviewers Recognition Award (PRRA).