Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa College of Nursing.


Publications from 2014

Accountability in Nursing Practice: Why it is Important for Patient Safety., Renae Battié and Victoria J. Steelman

Decisional Involvement: Actual and Preferred Involvement in Decision-Making among Registered Nurses., Jamey S. Bina, Maria K. Schomburg, Lindsay A. Tippetts, Cindy A. Scherb, Janet K. Specht, and Tamara Schwichtenberg

A Multimodal Intervention for Patients with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: feasibility and effect on fatigue., Babita Bisht, Warren G. Darling, Ruth E. Grossmann, E. Torage Shivapour, Susan K. Lutgendorf, Linda G Snetselaar, Michael J. Hall, M Bridget Zimmerman, and Terry L. Wahls

Evidence-Based Clinical Decision Support Improves the Appropriate Use of Antibiotics and Rapid Strep Testing., Jane M. Brokel

Midwest Nursing Research Society News, Kathleen C. Buckwalter and Linda Chlan

A Blueprint for Practice: Pediatric Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice., Patricia K. Clinton

Expanded Review Criteria: the Case of Nonpharmacological Interventions in Dementia., Jiska Cohen-Mansfield, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, Elizabeth Beattie, Karen Rose, Christine Neville, and Ann Kolanowski

The Role of Patient Engagement in Personalized Healthcare, Sandra Daack-Hirsch and C. A. Campbell

Can the Institute of Medicine Trump the Dominant Logic of Nursing? Leading Change in Advanced Practice Education., Melanie C. Dreher, Patricia K. Clinton, and Arlene Sperhac

Quality Improvement in Nursing Homes., Mary J. Dyck, Theresa Schwindenhammer, and Howard K. Butcher

Optimizing Linear Growth Measurement in Children., Jan M. Foote

Family Caregiver Role and Burden Related to Gender and Family Relationships., Marie-Luise Friedemann and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Resource Need and use of Multiethnic Caregivers of Elders in Their Homes., Marie-Luise Friedemann, Frederick L. Newman, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, and Rhonda J. V. Montgomery

Cultures of Diabetic Foot Ulcers without Clinical Signs of Infection do not Predict Outcomes., Sue E. Gardner, Ambar Haleem, Ying-Ling Jao, Stephen L. Hillis, John E. Femino, Phinit Phisitkul, Kristopher P. Heilmann, Shannon M. Lehman, and Carrie L. Franciscus

Acute Confusion, Mila Grady

Adult Failure to Thrive, Mila Grady

Chronic Confusion, Mila Grady

Deficient Diversional Activity, Mila Grady

Functional Incontinence, Mila Grady

Stress Urinary Incontinence, Mila Grady

Urge Urinary Incontinence, Mila Grady

The Relationship Between Safety Culture and Patient Outcomes: results from pilot meta-analyses., Patricia S. Groves

It's Always Something: Hospital Nurses Managing Risk., Patricia S. Groves, Deborah Finfgeld-Connett, and Bonnie J Wakefield

Pain Assessment in Elderly Adults with Dementia., Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, Keela A. Herr, Kenneth M. Prkachin, Kenneth D. Craig, Stephen J. Gibson, Albert Lukas, and Jonathan H. Smith

Concordance of Nasal and Diabetic Foot Ulcer Staphylococcal Colonization., Ambar Haleem, Jonathan S. Schultz, Kristopher P. Heilmann, Cassie L L. Dohrn, Daniel J. Diekema, and Sue E. Gardner

Introducing the Theorist., Keela A. Herr

An Interprofessional Consensus of Core Competencies for Prelicensure Education in pain management: curriculum application for physical therapy., Marie K. Hoeger Bement, Barbara J. St Marie, Terry M. Nordstrom, Nicole Christensen, Jennifer M. Mongoven, Ian J. Koebner, Scott M. Fishman, and Kathleen A. Sluka

Case and Population Health Management, Diane Huber

Communication Leadership, Diane Huber

Delegation, Diane Huber

Leadership and Management Principles, Diane Huber

Leadership and Nursing Care Management, Diane Huber

Professional Practice Models, Diane Huber

Workplace Diversity, Diane Huber

Risk for Violence: Self-Directed and Directed at Others, Todd Ingram

Evidence-Based Nurse Case Management Practice in Community Health., J. Y. Joo and Diane Huber

An Integrative Review of Nurse-Led Community-Based Case Management Effectiveness., J.Y. Joo and Diane L. Huber

Nursing Care Patterns for Patients Receiving Total Hip Replacements., Mikyoung Lee and Sue Moorhead

Team Building and Working with Effective Groups, J. Manion and Diane Huber

Adherence Monitoring with Chronic Opioid Therapy for Persistent Pain: a Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Approach to Mitigate Risk., Deborah Matteliano, Barbara St Marie, June Oliver, and Candace Coggins

Undergraduate Pediatric Nursing Education: Issues, Challenges and Recommendations., Ann Marie McCarthy and Janet S. Wyatt

The Wound Microbiome: Modern Approaches to Examining the Role of Microorganisms in Impaired Chronic Wound Healing., Ana M. Misic, Sue E. Gardner, and Elizabeth A. Grice

The Postpartum Worry Scale-Revised: an Initial Validation of a Measure of Postpartum Worry., Tracy E. Moran, Joshua R. Polanin, Amy Wenzel, and Lisa S. Segre

Preoperative Predictors of Pain Following Total Knee Arthroplasty., Nicolas O. Noiseux, John J. Callaghan, Charles R. Clark, M. Bridget Zimmerman, Kathleen A. Sluka, and Barbara A. Rakel

Clinical and Biomarker Changes in Premanifest Huntington Disease Show Trial Feasibility: A Decade of the PREDICT-HD Study., Jane S. Paulsen, Jeffrey D. Long, Hans J. Johnson, Elizabeth H. Aylward, Christopher A. Ross, Janet K. Williams, Martha A. Nance, Cheryl J. Erwin, Holly J. Westervelt, Deborah L. Harrington, H. Jeremy Bockholt, Ying Zhang, Elizabeth A. McCusker, Edmond M. Chiu, and Peter K. Panegyres

Mechanical Hyperalgesia and Reduced Quality of Life Occur in People with Mild Knee Osteoarthritis Pain., Barbara A. Rakel, Carol Vance, M. Bridget Zimmerman, Nikki Petsas-Blodgett, Annunziato Amendola, and Kathleen A. Sluka

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation for the Control of Pain During Rehabilitation after Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Randomized, Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Trial., Barbara A. Rakel, M. Bridget Zimmerman, Katharine Geasland, Jennie Embree, Charles R. Clark, Nicolas O. Noiseux, John J. Callaghan, Keela A. Herr, Deirdre Walsh, and Kathleen A. Sluka

A Sedentary Profession: Police Officers More Active at Home that at Work, Sandra L. Ramey

Physical Activity in Police Beyond Self-Report., Sandra L. Ramey, Yelena Perkhounkova, Mikyung Moon, Hui-Chen Tseng, Annerose Wilson, Maria Hein, Kristin Hood, and Warren D. Franke

Anxiety and Stigma in Dementia: a Threat to Aging in Place., Rebecca J. Riley, Sandy Burgener, and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Depression and Anxiety Symptoms in Mothers of Newborns Hospitalized on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit., Lisa S. Segre, Jennifer E. McCabe, Rebecca Chuffo-Siewert, and Michael W. O'Hara

Adaptations of Psychotherapy for Psychopathology During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period., Lisa S. Segre, M. W. O'Hara, and Elena Perkhounkova

Depression Screening on a Maternity Unit: a Mixed-Methods Evaluation of Nurses' Views and Implementation Strategies., Lisa S. Segre, Lauren O. Pollack, Rebecca L. Brock, Jeana R. Andrew, and Michael W. O'Hara

Doing it My Way., Lisa E. Skemp, Meridean L Maas, and Michelle Umbarger-Mackey

Evaluation of an Innovative Late-Life Depression Training Program., Marianne Smith, Mary Ellen Stolder, and Megan Fong Liu

NAPNAP Research Agenda: 2014-2019., Regena Spratling, Rita H. Pickler, Christina Calamaro, Juanita Conkin Dale, Sharron Docherty, Catherine J. Goodhue, Jill Kilanowski, Ann Marie McCarthy, Mary C. O'Laughlen, Lois S. Sadler, Leigh Small, Kathleen Speer, Tami Thomas, Susan Van Cleve, Jennifer D'Auria, and Dolores C. Jones

Celebrating Excellence in Perioperative Nursing., Victoria J. Steelman

Engaging in Lifelong Learning to Lead the Way., Victoria J. Steelman

Excellence in Perioperative Management: Establishing a Culture of Safety., Victoria J. Steelman

Our Pursuit of Excellence., Victoria J. Steelman

Pursuing Excellence Through Creative Education., Victoria J. Steelman

Pursuing excellence through patient engagement., Victoria J. Steelman

Retained Surgical Sponges, Needles and Instruments., Victoria J. Steelman

The Importance of Briefings and Debriefings., Victoria J. Steelman

Coexisting Addiction and Pain in People Receiving Methadone for Addiction., Barbara St Marie

Health Care Experiences When Pain and Substance Use Disorder Coexist: "Just Because I'm an Addict Doesn't Mean I Don't Have Pain"., Barbara St Marie

Geriatric Pain Competencies and Knowledge Assessment for Nurses in Long Term Care Settings., Kristen L Swafford, Lois L Miller, Keela A. Herr, Chris Forcucci, Anne Marie L Kelly, and Debra Bakerjian

MAMBRA's impact on IPV symptoms of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women., Janette Y. Taylor and Ezra C. Holston

The Use of Standardized Terminology to Represent Nursing Knowledge: Nursing Interventions Relevant to Safety for Patients with Cancer., Hui-Chen Tseng and Sue Moorhead

Superantigens of Staphylococcus Aureus from Patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcers., Bao G. Vu, Christopher S. Stach, Wilmara Salgado-Pabón, Daniel J. Diekema, Sue E. Gardner, and Patrick M. Schlievert


Reasoning Exercises in Assisted Living: a cluster randomized trial to improve reasoning and everyday problem solving, Kristine N Williams, Ruth Herman, and Daniel Bontempo

Cognitive Interventions for Older Adults: Does Approach Matter?, Kristine N. Williams, Ruth Herman, and Erin Kate Smith

Therapeutic Communication with Older Adults, Families and Caregivers, Kristine N. Williams and K. Meeks

Retained Surgical Sponges: Findings from Incident Reports and a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Radiofrequency Technology, T. L. Williams, D. K. Tung, Victoria J. Steelman, P. K. Chang, and M. K. Szekendi

Regionally Selective Atrophy of Subcortical Structures in Prodromal HD as Revealed by Statistical Shape Analysis., Laurent Younes, J. Tilak Ratnanather, Timothy Brown, Elizabeth Aylward, Peg Nopoulos, Hans Johnson, Vincent A. Magnotta, Jane S. Paulsen, Russell L Margolis, Roger L. Albin, Michael I Miller, Christopher A. Ross, and Nancy R Downing

Publications from 2013

Lessons Learned From Politics: Translate into Healthcare Delivery., Maxine Adegbola

Relevance of Service Learning to Nursing Education., Maxine Adegbola

Scholarly Tailgating Defined: A Diverse, Giant Network., Maxine Adegbola

Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies for Older Adults with Persistent Pain., Paul Arnstein and Keela A. Herr

Practice Makes Perfect., Lioness Ayres

A Closer Look at the Recommended Criteria for Disclosing Genetic Results: Perspectives of Medical Genetic Specialists, Genomic Researchers, and Institutional Review Board Chairs., Debra S. Brandt, Laura Shinkunas, Stephen L. Hillis, Sandra E. Daack-Hirsch, Martha Driessnack, Nancy R. Downing, Megan F. Liu, Lisa L. Shah, Janet K. Williams, and Christian M. Simon

Using Picture Schedules in Medical Settings for Patients with an Autism Spectrum disorder., Amy Chebuhar, Ann Marie McCarthy, Joni Bosch, and Sue Baker

Parental Perspectives on the Diagnostic Process for Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy., Sandra Daack-Hirsch, Caleb Holtzer, and Christopher Cunniff

Integrating Genetics and Genomics into Nursing Curricula: You Can Do It Too!, Sandra Daack-Hirsch, Barbara Jackson, Chito A. Belchez, Betty Elder, Roxanne Hurley, Peg Kerr, and Mary Kay Nissen

'Information is Information': a Public Perspective on Incidental Findings in Clinical and Research Genome-Based Testing., S. Daack-Hirsch, M Driessnack, Alyson Hanish, Vicki A. Johnson, Lisa L. Shah, C. M. Simon, and Janet K. Williams

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Reduces Pain, Fatigue and Hyperalgesia while Restoring Central Inhibition in Primary Fibromyalgia., Dana L. Dailey, Barbara A. Rakel, Carol G.T. Vance, Richard E. Liebano, Anand S. Amrit, Heather M. Bush, Kyoung S. Lee, Jennifer E. Lee, and Kathleen A. Sluka

Genetics Specialists' Perspectives on Disclosure of Genomic Incidental Findings in the Clinical Setting., Nancy R Downing, Janet K. Williams, Sandra Daack-Hirsch, Martha Driessnack, and Christian M. Simon

Genetics Specialists' Perspectives on Disclosure of Genomic Incidental Findings in the Clinical Setting., Nancy R. Downing, Janet K. Williams, Sandra Daack-Hirsch, Martha Driessnack, and Christian M. Simon

The Disclosure of Incidental Genomic Findings: an "Ethically Important Moment" in Pediatric Research and Practice., Martha Driessnack, Sandra Daack-Hirsch, Nancy Downing, Alyson Hanish, Lisa L. Shah, Mohammed Alasagheirin, Christian M. Simon, and Janet K. Williams

Characterization of Depression in Prodromal Huntington Disease in the Neurobiological Predictors of HD (PREDICT-HD) Study., Eric A. Epping, James A. Mills, Leigh J. Beglinger, Jess G. Fiedorowicz, David Craufurd, Megan M. Smith, Mark Groves, Kelly R. Bijanki, Nancy Downing, Janet K. Williams, Jeffrey D Long, and Jane S. Paulsen