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J Aging Phys Activity

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Journal of Aging and Physical Activity

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The primary purpose of this investigation was to determine the internal consistency of the 60+ functional fitness test battery for older adults. A secondary purpose was to determine whether the number of trials recommended in the testing manual was optimal. Subjects were used from an ongoing study of a fitness program for community-dwelling older adults. Internal consistency coefficients for subtests of flexibility, agility, coordination, and strength were excellent. Post hoc analysis across trials indicated significant differences in means between early trials and later trials. Mean scores stabilized after two or three trials, depending on the subtest of interest. Data provided insight into the number of practice trials and amount of warm-up necessary to implement the 60+ functional fitness test battery in field settings.


Physical Fitness -- Evaluation -- In Old Age, Muscle Strength -- Evaluation -- In Old Age, Exercise Test -- Evaluation, Functional Assessment, Reliability, Research Instruments, Intraclass Correlation Coefficient, Two-Way Analysis of Variance, One-Way Analysis of Variance, Aged, Female, Male, Funding Source, Human

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Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 5:2 (1997) pp.150-162.


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