Strength training and falls among older adults: a community-based TR intervention

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Peer Reviewed


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Annu Ther Recreation

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Annual in Therapeutic Recreation

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a community-based strength training program for older adults in decreasing falls. Subjects who completed a strength training program and an age and gender matched comparison group of older adults who did not participate in the strength training program were questioned about falls during the preceding year. Functional fitness measures for coordination, balance, and strength significantly improved in strength training subjects after completion of a six week program. Furthermore, after controlling for gender effects, the findings revealed that the strength training group reported significantly fewer falls in the preceding year than the comparison group. However, serious injury was not proportionately less frequent among strength training subjects. We concluded that a community-based strength training program using light resistance could be delivered safely and successfully by therapeutic recreation practitioners.


Muscle Strengthening -- In Old Age, Accidental Falls -- Prevention and Control -- In Old Age, Functional Status -- In Old Age, Physical Fitness -- In Old Age, Wounds and Injuries -- Prevention and Control -- In Old Age, Education, Continuing (Credit), Aged, Gerontologic Care, Rehabilitation, Geriatric, Community Health Services -- In Old Age, Recreational Therapy -- In Old Age, Comparative Studies, Geriatric Functional Assessment, Agility -- Evaluation -- In Old Age, Exercise Physiology -- In Old Age, Balance, Postural -- Evaluation -- In Old Age, Muscle Strength -- Evaluation -- In Old Age, Statistical Significance, Male, Female, Descriptive Statistics, Questionnaires, Test-Retest Reliability, Physical Endurance -- Evaluation -- In Old Age, Rising -- Evaluation -- In Old Age, Exercise Test -- In Old Age, Reliability and Validity, Nonparametric Statistics, Fisher's Exact Test, Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test, Human

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Annual in Therapeutic Recreation, 13: (2004) pp.1-.

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