Assessment. Interventions for residents with dementia and their family and staff caregivers: evaluating the effectiveness of measures of outcomes in long-term care

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Peer Reviewed


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J Gerontol Nurs

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Journal of gerontological nursing


This article describes six instruments developed for programs of research testing nursing interventions for individuals with dementia in Special Care Units and their family and staff caregivers. The Functional Abilities Checklist measures the functional abilities of residents with dementia. The Family Perceptions of Care Tool assesses family member satisfaction with care of the institutionalized relative with dementia. The Family Perceptions of Caregiving Role instrument evaluates stress experienced by family members of individuals with dementia related to their caregiving roles in long-term care settings. The Caregiver Stress Inventory and Staff Perceptions of Caregiving Role tools measure staff stress related to caring for residents with dementia. Finally, the Attitudes About Families Checklist assesses general staff attitudes about families of residents with dementia. Each instrument and its psycho-metric properties are described. The advantages of these instruments for research and clinical use with individuals with dementia are discussed.


Caregivers, Dementia -- Nursing, Nursing Interventions, Outcome Assessment -- Evaluation, Checklists, Conceptual Framework, Family, Neuropsychological Tests, Reliability and Validity

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Journal of gerontological nursing, 31:6 (2005) pp.6-14.

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