How accurate are chronic wound assessments using interactive video technology?

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J Gerontol Nurs

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J Gerontol Nurs

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20; quiz 52-3


This project examined the accuracy of chronic wound assessments made using an interactive, video telecommunications system (Teledoc 5000, NEC America, Inc., Irving, TX) by comparing a nurse expert's in-person wound assessments with wound assessments made from taped Teledoc sessions. Wound assessments determined the absence or presence of nine wound characteristics instrumental in guiding treatment (e.g., tunneling, undermining, granulation tissue, necrotic tissue, epithelial tissue, purulent exudate, erythema, edema, induration). A sample of 13 paired wound observations was analyzed. The accuracy of the Teledoc technology was examined by calculating the amount of agreement between the in-person assessments and the taped Teledoc assessments for each of the nine characteristics. Agreement for eight of the nine wound characteristic exceeded 75%, suggesting this telehealth medium does not alter wound assessment data, which are essential in guiding treatment decisions. In addition to connecting the remotely based nurse with nursing expertise to improve patient care, telehealth technology seemed to increase the remotely-based nurses' knowledge of wound assessment and treatment as well.

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J Gerontol Nurs, 27:1 (2001) pp.15-20; quiz 52-3.

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