Russian citizens' trusted sources of health promotion information

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Peer Reviewed


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Int J Global Health

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International Journal of Global Health


This study examined Russian citizens' trusted sources of health information. A random sample of 906 people, from two villages in St. Petersburg, Russia, responded to a health needs assessment questionnaire. Results suggest that medical professionals and special books, such as informational pamphlets about treating a myriad of illnesses, are significant trusted sources of health information for people in Russia. Further, these data suggest differences between trusted sources of health information exist between villages rather than by gender or age group. This work has implications for health care practitioners in Russia, who are advancing the discipline of family practice, as well as medical professionals in other parts of the world who are attending to the health needs of Russian immigrants.


Health Education -- Methods, Information Resources -- Evaluation -- Russia, Adult, Age Factors, Aged, Descriptive Statistics, Educational Status, Female, Geographic Factors, Health Services Needs and Demand -- Evaluation, Male, Middle Age, Questionnaires, Russia, Sex Factors, Test-Retest Reliability, Funding Source, Human

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International Journal of Global Health, 1:2 (2001) pp.35-49.

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