Behavioral characteristics of children with Turner syndrome and children with learning disabilities... including commentary by Schepp KG and Tiedeman ME with author response

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West J Nurs Res

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Western journal of nursing research

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Children with Turner syndrome (TS) are at increased risk for cognitive deficits and behavioral problems. Although cognitive skills are similar to those found in children with nonverbal learning disabilities (NLD), comparisons of behavioral patterns in children with TS to those in children with NLD, comparisons of behavioral patterns in children with TS to those in children with NLD have not been reported. The purpose of this research was to describe behavioral patterns in school-aged females with TS and to determine if these patterns differed from those exhibited by females with NLD as measured on the Pediatric Behavior Scale, a parental report of childhood behaviors. Behavioral characteristics were identified in 10 children with TS, 10 with NLD, and 10 healthy children. Those with TS and with NLD were found to have increased levels of social isolation. In addition, children with TS had behavioral problems in the areas of impulsivity and medical noncompliance. Identification of behavioral characteristics of specific conditions is essential to guide counseling and interventions provided by nurses and other health professionals.


Turner's Syndrome, Learning Disorders, Child Behavior -- Evaluation, Convenience Sample, Research Instruments, Interrater Reliability, Internal Consistency, Analysis of Variance, Descriptive Statistics, Descriptive Research, Intelligence Tests, Child, Outpatients, Female, Human

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Western journal of nursing research, 16:1 (1994) pp.26-39.

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