School nurses' experiences, concerns, and knowledge of growth disorders in children: development of a monograph

Janet K. Williams, University of Iowa
A. M. McCarthy
H. Bragadottir
D. Reed


Growth disorders may be associated with difficult psychosocial adjustment, learning problems, and specific health risks. Appropriate school health programming relies on school nurses who are skilled in growth assessment, management of psychosocial and behavioral problems, and effective communication with school personnel, children, families, and health care resources. A monograph and model individualized healthcare plans were developed for growth disorders in school-age children as an educational resource for school nurses. Knowledge of growth disorders among nurses receiving the monograph was evaluated in a random sample of 336 school nurses, members of the National Association of School Nurses. Knowledge of growth assessment and individualized health care plans for children with specific growth disorders was significantly higher in the group of school nurses who received the monograph. Specific obstacles to implementing school-based health care for children with growth disorders are discussed.