Doctorate of nursing practice: blueprint for excellence

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J Pediatr Health Care

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Journal of pediatric health care

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A great deal of work has been done during the past several years since the American Association of Colleges of Nursing voted in October 2004 to move advanced practice nursing to the doctoral level by 2015. Following the approval, task forces were formed to address curriculum issues and the strategies for transitioning advanced practice nursing education from the master's level to the doctorate of nursing practice (DNP). The DNP curriculum contains content on leadership, management, and other topics that are needed to address some of the issues in the health care system that traditionally have not been included in most master of science in nursing curricula, as well as additional essential content and nurse practitioner competencies. As pediatric nurse practitioners and other advanced practice nurses go forward in their careers, the DNP may have an impact on their role. In this article, the background of the DNP movement, changes in advanced practice nursing education, and the concerns of currently practicing pediatric nurse practitioners prepared at the master's level will be addressed.


Curriculum, Education, Nursing, Graduate/methods/organization & administration, Humans, Nurse Anesthetists/education, Nurse Clinicians/education, Nurse Midwives/education, Nurse Practitioners/education, Organizational Innovation, United States

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Journal of pediatric health care, 22:3 (2008) pp.146-151. DOI:10.1016/j.pedhc.2007.12.015.

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