Family caregiver provided massage for rural-dwelling chronically ill persons

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Home Health Care Manage Pract

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Home Health Care Management & Practice


Family caregivers attending to chronically ill family members within the community are vulnerable to psychological and medical health issues. Rural caregivers may be at increased risk because of fewer resources. This pilot study explored whether rural caregivers would learn and provide gentle massage to their chronically ill loved ones, would find study participation burdensome, and would realize benefits from providing the massage. Positive results in each of the three areas suggest that providing caregivers with instruction on gentle massage techniques for their chronically ill loved ones may support and enhance rural caregivers' perceptions of self-efficacy and self-agency and thus possibly decrease caregiver vulnerability. The findings of this study are important in light of increasing numbers of chronically ill persons who rely predominantly on home care by family members within the community.


Caregivers -- Psychosocial Factors, Chronic Disease -- Psychosocial Factors, Family -- Psychosocial Factors, Massage -- Psychosocial Factors, Audiorecording, Constant Comparative Method, Convenience Sample, Funding Source, Interviews, Patient-Family Relations, Pilot Studies, Rural Areas, Stress Management, Thematic Analysis, Triangulation, Human

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Home Health Care Management & Practice, 21:2 (2009) pp.117-123.

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