Faculty-Agency Partnering for Improved Client Outcomes

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The Journal of Nursing Education


A project that aimed to partner nursing students and faculty with community agencies in order to develop and implement clinical outcome studies took place at the University of Kansas School of Nursing between March 1999 and August 2000. A number of outcome studies targeting the specific needs of each of the community agencies were developed through the project. Faculty developed expertise in teaching clinical outcomes as a result of the project. Moreover, students became competent members of a health care outcome team, and staff in clinical agencies were educated about the outcome process and implemented outcome studies designed to benefit their agency and ultimately improve patient care. Project activities demonstrate how collaboration to pursue outcome studies can be adapted to a variety of nursing courses involving graduate and undergraduate students and offer nurse educators and community agencies a model they may adopt in their own settings.

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The Journal of Nursing Education, 41:12 (2002) pp.531-534.

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