Health status and resources of rural homeless women and children

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West J Nurs Res

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Western journal of nursing research

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The purpose of this research is to describe the health status and health resources for homeless women and children in a Midwestern rural community. A group of 31 rural homeless women in a shelter participated in the study by answering questions on the Rural Homeless Interview developed by the investigators. The findings revealed higher than expected rates of illness, accidents, and adverse life events, with the incidence ofsubstance abuse and mental illness being comparable to data from other homeless populations. The data on children were limited by lack of knowledge on the part of their mothers. Some mothers reported that their children were in foster care, had been adopted, or were being cared for by others. The inability to access health and dental care was reported by half of the participants.


Homeless Persons -- Midwestern United States, Health Status -- Midwestern United States, Health Services Accessibility -- Midwestern United States, Descriptive Research, Convenience Sample, Interviews, Models, Theoretical, Conceptual Framework, Rural Areas, Midwestern United States, Psychological Tests, Descriptive Statistics, Dental Care, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Child Health, Infant, Child, Preschool, Child, Adult, Middle Age, Female, Funding Source, Human

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Western journal of nursing research, 22:8 (2000) pp.863-878.

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