Adaptations of Psychotherapy for Psychopathology During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period.

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The Oxford Handbook of Perinatal Psychology

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Women experiencing depressive symptoms often do not seek timely treatment from a mental health professional. This review focuses specifically on adapted approaches and tailored interventions for perinatal depression that increase their acceptability and accessibility. The effects of these adapted depression interventions cover a broad range; to compare these new treatments only those resulting in statistically significant improvement are reviewed. Some adaptations, even those provided by non–mental health specialists, produced effects equal to or surpassing those achieved by traditional treatment strategies. Suggestions for future research have two foci. First, because depressed perinatal women are also likely to suffer from comorbid disorders such as anxiety, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of adapted treatments on complex cases. Second, the implementation setting of adapted treatments has generally been limited. Evaluating how these interventions might be incorporated into new settings as part of a stepped-care approach moves research from the bench into clinical settings.

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