Agricultural-related injury and illness in The Gambia: a descriptive survey of a rural nursing service and area farmers

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Clin Nurs Res

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Clinical nursing research

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This is an exploratory, descriptive study based on a convenience sample from a rural nursing service and in-country area farmers from The Gambia. The purpose of the study was to provide descriptive information about agricultural-related injury and illness from area farmers and to obtain data from rural nurses about the time they spent caring for and treating farmers. Employees of the nursing service could read and write English fluently and thus completed a written questionnaire; the area farmers were unable to read and write English so they were interviewed by farm extension workers in their own tribal language. The most alarming findings were the nursing respondents' report of farm workers using pesticides in their homes, the poor condition of pesticide sprayers, and the lack of personal protective equipment. Despite their claim of following pesticide instructions, farm workers reported a surprisingly high number of respiratory and neurological signs and symptoms.


Farmworkers -- Gambia, Occupational Exposure -- Gambia, Occupational-Related Injuries -- Gambia, Rural Health Nursing -- Gambia, Adult, Clinical Nursing Research, Conceptual Framework, Convenience Sample, Descriptive Research, Descriptive Statistics, Exploratory Research, Female, Funding Source, Gambia, Interviews, Male, Maps, Occupational-Related Injuries -- Classification, Pesticides -- Adverse Effects, Questionnaires, Rural Areas, Human

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Clinical nursing research, 16:3 (2007) pp.170-188.

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