Health beliefs and practices: the Iowa Old Order Amish

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Peer Reviewed


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J Multicult Nurs Health

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Journal of Multicultural Nursing & Health


Participants of this study consisted of 41 Old Order Amish living in a community located near Kalona, Iowa. A secondary analysis of data from a series of ethnographic studies was conducted to explore their: 1) perception of the role of faith and prayer in healing, 2) knowledge and use of folk remedies, and 3) use of health care providers. The majority of Old Order Amish respondents believed that faith and prayer played a major role in healing. All of the informants reported detailed knowledge of folk remedies. Minor trauma, commonly associated with farming, was the condition most often treated by folk remedies. All of the informants utilized the services of a physician, but visits were usually limited to serious health conditions and emergencies. Informants also used a variety of alternative health care providers (i. e., chiropractors, reflexologists).


Amish, Health Beliefs, Iowa, Secondary Analysis, Research Subject Recruitment, Semi-Structured Interview, Participant Observation, Descriptive Statistics, Content Analysis, Medicine, Traditional, Middle Age, Male, Female, Human

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Journal of Multicultural Nursing & Health, 8:3 (2002) pp.65-71.

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Journal of Multicultural Nursing & Health. 2002 Jan;8(3):65-71.

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