The relationship between super users' attitudes and employee experiences with clinical information systems

J. R. Halbesleben
D. S. Wakefield
M. M. Ward
Jane M. Brokel, University of Iowa
D. Crandall


The purpose of this study is to examine the manner in which Super User attitudes toward clinical information systems (CIS) are associated with employee experiences with CIS implementation. Super Users (N = 82), selected by hospital administration to assist in implementation of the new CIS, completed a survey that assessed time spent in the Super User role as well as attitudes toward the role. These data were matched with hospital employee (N = 325) survey data about attitudes toward CIS and its impact on work processes. Time spent in the role of Super User was associated with employee attitudes; Super Users' perceptions about qualifications also predicted employee attitudes, particularly about care outcomes and perceptions about implementation of the CIS. The study suggests that as organizations encourage more time in the Super User role and develop more positive attitudes about this role, the possibility of positive employee attitudes toward CIS increases.