The overview effect: the impact of space exploration on the evolution of nursing science

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Nurs Sci Q

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Nursing science quarterly

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The purpose of this article is to explore the overview effect, an experience evoked by space travel that has the capacity to transform all patterns of human existence and evolution toward greater potentials in human diversity and creativity. As nurses migrate with humanity into the solar system and beyond, they will experience the overview effect. The core components of the effect include changed perceptions of space, time, sound, and weight which have the potential to transform the evolution of nursing science. Nursing paradigms will encompass a view of humanity as integral with an infinite evolutionary universe. After generations of living in space in a diversity of new environments, the physical body will undergo radical changes, and the meaning of health will be transformed. The article concludes with a discussion on the parallels between Rogers' science of unitary human beings and the overview effect.


Nursing Science, Rogers Science of Unitary Human Beings, Space Flight, Consciousness, Forecasting, Perception, Nursing Practice, Time, Concept Formation, Sound, Body Weight

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Nursing science quarterly, 5:3 (1992) pp.118-123.

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