Imminent concerns of filial caregivers reporting recent experiences of crisis

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Int J Aging Hum Dev

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International journal of aging & human development

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The purpose of this descriptive study was to generate information about imminent concerns of adult children that could serve as initial context for development of a meaningful framework for coping with an ongoing parent care situation. Ninety-two adult children pre-selected for self-reports of crisis were interviewed about their concerns and goals for caregiving and asked to discuss experiences of crisis in the previous six months of caregiving. Key issues pertaining to their experiences were extracted from notes of the interviews and classified according to their common properties. Cohen's kappa for interrater reliability of the classifications was .79 while percentage agreement was 98 percent. The results of the study point to the presence of multiple issues pertaining to significant life and death events, relational burdens, early experiences with the family of origin, and focal patterns of distress and coping. Synthesis of the findings reveals overriding concerns for making improvements in one's family of origin, created family of adulthood, and middle-aged self. Findings have implications for experiential adult education in the area of filial maturity and caregiving.


Adult Children -- Psychosocial Factors, Caregivers, Caregiver Strain Index, Checklists, Convenience Sample, Descriptive Research, Female, Interrater Reliability, Interviews, Kappa Statistic, Male, Middle Age, Psychological Tests, Self Report, Human

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International journal of aging & human development, 56:1 (2003) pp.67-88.

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International journal of aging & human development. 2003 Jan;56(1):67-88.

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