Aging, ethnicity, & social support: a review -- part 1

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J Gerontol Nurs

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Journal of gerontological nursing

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The increasing diversity of the population of older adults is reflective of the worldwide demographic trends. These trends present nurses with special challenges in assessing and meeting the needs of ethnic elderly individuals. Nurses must be willing and capable of assessing the social support networks and beliefs of older adults from any ethnic group to plan and implement culturally sensitive care. The success of this care will be closely related to the extent to which nurses recognize and include existing support networks and individual preferences.


Aging, Ethnic Groups -- In Old Age, Support, Psychosocial -- In Old Age, Transcultural Nursing, Gerontologic Nursing, Health Services Accessibility -- In Old Age, Blacks -- In Old Age, Hispanics -- In Old Age, Whites -- In Old Age, Community Living -- In Old Age, Socioeconomic Factors -- In Old Age, Education -- In Old Age, Functional Status -- In Old Age, Community Health Services -- Utilization -- In Old Age, Nursing Homes -- Utilization -- In Old Age, Home Nursing -- Utilization -- In Old Age, Relocation -- In Old Age, Patient-Family Relations -- In Old Age, Caregivers, Cultural Values -- In Old Age, Cultural Sensitivity, Aged, Aged, 80 and Over

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Journal of gerontological nursing, 27:6 (2001) pp.15-21.

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Journal of gerontological nursing. 2001 Jun;27(6):15-21.

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