Relocation among ethnic elders: a review -- part 2

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J Gerontol Nurs

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Journal of gerontological nursing

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Relocation to more supportive housing is a potentially stressful life event for older adults. Under the best of circumstances, the older adult will be relatively healthy and able and willing to participate in relocation decisions. However, this is not always possible. Nurses have a critical role to play in helping families identify the most appropriate housing alternative, helping plan the relocation, and helping older adults adjust to their new homes. Relocation is particularly stressful for ethnic elders who may not understand the housing options available, or may fear prejudicial treatment and exclusion in the various settings. Nurses need to take time for careful assessment of the older adults' preferences, and to provide information needed to help them make relocation decisions within the context of their existing support networks.


Relocation -- In Old Age, Ethnic Groups -- In Old Age, Decision Making, Patient -- In Old Age, Gerontologic Nursing, Blacks -- In Old Age, Whites -- In Old Age, Hispanics -- In Old Age, Health Services Accessibility -- In Old Age, Functional Status -- In Old Age, Disabled -- In Old Age, Cultural Values -- In Old Age, Nursing Homes -- In Old Age, Race Factors -- In Old Age, Decision Making, Family, Control (Psychology) -- In Old Age, Information Needs -- In Old Age, Nursing Assessment, Cultural Sensitivity, Transcultural Nursing, Aged, Male, Female

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Journal of gerontological nursing, 27:6 (2001) pp.22-27.

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Journal of gerontological nursing. 2001 Jun;27(6):22-27.

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