Classification of nursing interventions for care of the integument

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Nurs Diagn

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Nursing Diagnosis

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The Classification of Nursing Interventions research team at The University of Iowa, College of Nursing is building a taxonomy of nursing interventions that will include all of the direct care treatment activities that nurses perform on behalf of patients. This report describes the study in which 12 nursing interventions and their associated activities for care of the integument were extracted from a large database and validated through a two-round Delphi survey. Using an adaptation of Fehring's model for determining diagnostic content validity of nursing diagnoses, a definition, critical activities, and supporting activities were developed for each of the following interventions: Bathing, Bedrest Care, Hair Care, Oral Health Maintenance, Oral Health Promotion, Oral Health Restoration, Positioning, Pressure Management, Skin Care -- Topical Treatments, Skin Surveillance, and Wound Care. Further research is needed to validate supporting activities and to continue classifying interventions and activities that nurses use in treating impaired skin integrity (potential and actual) and altered oral mucous membrane integrity (potential and actual).


Nursing Interventions -- Classification, Skin Care, Nursing Diagnosis, Impaired Skin Integrity (NANDA), Altered Oral Mucous Membrane (NANDA), Oral Hygiene, Mouth Care, Validation Studies, Descriptive Research, Delphi Technique, Convenience Sample, Content Validity, Bed Rest, Pressure Ulcer -- Prevention and Control, Patient Positioning, Wound Care, Bathing and Baths, Human

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Nursing Diagnosis, 2:2 (1991) pp.45-56.

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Nursing Diagnosis. 1991 Jan;2(2):45-56.

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