Publications by faculty and researchers in the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, University of Iowa College of Public Health.


Publications from 2001


Musculoskeletal disorders among construction apprentices in Hungary., John C. Rosecrance, J. Pórszász, Thomas M. Cook, E. Fekecs, T. Karácsony, L. Merlino, and D. Anton


Civilization as a threat to human health?, T. Trnovec, Thomas M. Cook, K. Kahayová, and S. Nyulassy

Publications from 2000

Preliminary Report on the Results of the Second Phase of a Round-Robin Endotoxin Assay Study Using Cotton Dust, David T.W. Chun, Victor Chew, Karen Bartlett, Terry Gordon, Robert R. Jacobs, Britt-Marie Larsson, Lennart Larsson, Daniel M. Lewis, Jyrki Liesivuori, Olivier Michel, Donald K. Milton, Ragnar Rylander, and Peter S. Thorne

Assessment of Particulates and Bioaerosols in Eastern Canadian Sawmills, Caroline Duchaine, Anne Meriaux, Peter S. Thorne, and Yvon Cormier


Alterations in Shoulder Kinematics and Associated Muscle Activity in People With Symptoms of Shoulder Impingement, Paula M. Ludewig and Thomas M. Cook

Ehrlichia chaffeensis antibodies in white-tailed deer, Iowa, 1994 and 1996, Linda Mueller-Anneling, Mary J. Gilchrist, and Peter S. Thorne


The Use of Participatory Action Research and Ergonomics in the Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Newspaper Industry, John C. Rosecrance and Thomas M. Cook

Increased Levels of Markers of Microbial Exposure in Homes with Indoor Storage of Organic Household Waste, Inge M. Wouters, Jeroen Douwes, Gert Doekes, Peter S. Thorne, Bert Brunekreef, and Dick J.J. Heederik

Publications from 1999


International Training and Research in Central and Eastern Europe: The University of Iowa model., Thomas M. Cook, Burton C. Kross, Ivan Ciznar, and Robin Ungar

Early-onset inflammatory responses in vivo to adenoviral vectors in the presence or absence of lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation, Peter S. Thorne, Paul B. McCray, Tricia S. Howe, and Marsha A. O'Neill

Publications from 1998

Cutting Edge: Modulation of Airway Inflammation by CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides in a Murine Model of Asthma, Joel N. Kline, Thomas J. Waldschmidt, Thomas R. Businga, Jennifer E. Lemish, Joel V. Weinstock, Peter S. Thorne, and Arthur M. Krieg


The Future of Rural Water Supplies: Health and Infrastructure Policy Issues Workshop, David Osterberg

Effects of Exposure to Grain Dust in Polish Farmers: Work-Related Symptoms and Immunologic Response to Microbial Antigens Associated with Dust, Czeslawa Skorska, Barbara Mackiewicz, Jacek Dutkiewicz, Ewa Krysinska-Traczyk, Janusz Milanowski, Helen Feltovich, Jeffrey Lange, and Peter S. Thorne

Publications from 1997


Effects of Restricted Knee Flexion and Walking Speed on the Vertical Ground Force Reaction During Gait, Thomas M. Cook, Kevin P. Farrell, Iva A. Carey, Joan M. Gibbs, and Gregory E. Wiger

The Kinetics of Grain Dust-induced Inflammation of the Lower Respiratory Tract, Daniel C. Deetz, Paul J. Jagielo, Timothy J. Quinn, Peter S. Thorne, Shari A. Bleuer, and David A. Schwartz

Prospective epidemiologic evaluation of laboratory animal allergy among university employees, Laurence J. Fuortes, LeAnn Weih, Paul Pomrehn, and Peter S. Thorne

Application of flow cytometry and fluorescent in situ hybridization for assessment of exposures to airborne bacteria, Jeffrey L. Lange, Peter S. Thorne, and Nancy Lynch


Contribution of selected scapulothoracic muscle forces to the control of accessory scapular motions, P M. Ludewig and Thomas M. Cook

Air Quality Assessments in the Vicinity of Swine Production Facilities, Stephen J. Reynolds, Kelley J. Donham, Jason Stookesberry, Peter S. Thorne, Periasamy Subramanian, Kendall Thu, and Paul Whitten

Sensory nerve recovery following median nerve provocation in carpal tunnel syndrome, John C. Rosecrance, Thomas M. Cook, and Raymond C. Bingham

CpG motifs in bacterial DNA cause inflammation in the lower respiratory tract, David A. Schwartz, Timothy J. Quinn, Peter S. Thorne, Sadath Sayeed, Ae-Kyung Yi, and Arthur M. Krieg

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Field Evaluation of Endotoxin Air Sampling Assay Methods, Peter S. Thorne, Stephen J. Reynolds, Donald K. Milton, and Peggy D. Bloebaum

Effects of vibration frequency and postural changes on human responses to seated whole-body vibration exposure, Chris L. Zimmermann and Thomas M. Cook


Operating engineers: Work-related musculoskeletal disorders and the trade., Chris L. Zimmermann, Thomas M. Cook, and John C. Rosecrance


Work-related musculoskeletal symptoms and injuries among operating engineers : A review and guidelines for improvement., Chris L. Zimmermann, Thomas M. Cook, and John C. Rosecrance

Publications from 1996

The role of atopy in grain dust-induced airway disease, C. A. Blaski, W. D. Clapp, Peter S. Thorne, and T. J. Quinn

Nasal lavage cellularity, grain dust, and airflow obstruction, Christine A. Blaski, Janet L. Watt, Timothy J. Quinn, Peter S. Thorne, and David A. Schwartz


Work-related musculoskeletal disorders among physical therapists, Byron E. Bork, Thomas M. Cook, John C. Rosecrance, Kristen A. Englehardt, Mary-Ellen J. Thomason, Ivalyn J. Wauford, and Rachel K. Worley


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IGWA Forum Question/Answer on Risk Analysis justification of Limited Remediation, David Osterberg and Rich Heathcote

Dermatitis among automobile production machine operators exposed to metal-working fluids, Nancy L. Sprince, Jennifer A. Palmer, William Popendorf, and Peter S. Thorne

Pulmonary Effects of Machining Fluids in Guinea Pigs and Mice, Peter S. Thorne and Jeannine A. DeKoster

Publications from 1995

Bioaerosol Concentrations in Noncomplaint, Complaint, and Intervention Homes in the Midwest, Jeannine A. DeKoster and Peter S. Thorne

Ergonomics: applying what we know, S. Schneider, L. Punnett, and Thomas M. Cook

The role of endotoxin in grain dust-induced lung disease, D. A. Schwartz, Peter S. Thorne, S. J. Yagla, and L. F. Burmeister

Publications from 1994

Grain dust-induced airflow obstruction and inflammation of the lower respiratory tract, W. D. Clapp, S. Becker, J. Quay, and J. L. Watt

Agents in organic dust: Criteria for a causal relationship, Kelley J. Donham and Peter S. Thorne

Active Surveillance for the Control of Cumulative Trauma Disorders: a Working Model in the Newspaper Industry, John C. Rosecrance, Thomas M. Cook, and Chris L. Zimmermann

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Bioaerosol Sampling in Field Studies: Can Samples be Express Mailed?, Peter S. Thorne, Jeffrey L. Lange, Peggy Bloebaum, and Gergory J. Kullman

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Publications from 1993

Comparison of a digital electroneurometer and standard nerve conduction studies for the measurement of median nerve sensory latency, John C. Rosecrance, Thomas M. Cook, and Ronald C. Bingham

Publications from 1992

An Electromyographic Analysis of Hip Abductor Muscle Activity when Subjects are Carrying Loads in One Or Both Hands, Donald A. Neumann, Thomas M. Cook, R. L. Sholty, and D. C. Sobush

Is an abbreviated bronchial challenge with histamine valid?, Lynn E. Schmidt, Peter S. Thorne, Janet L. Watt, and David A. Schwartz

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Comparison of bioaerosol sampling methods in barns housing swine., Peter S. Thorne, Margaret S. Kiekhaefer, Paul Whitten, and Kelley J. Donham

Publications from 1991

A comparison of isometric strength and dynamic lifting capacity in men with work-related low back injuries, John C. Rosecrance, Thomas M. Cook, and Nina S. Golden

Electromyographic Activity of Selected Leg Musculature in Subjects with Normal and Chronically Sprained Ankles Performing on a Baps Board, Gary L. Soderberg, Thomas M. Cook, Sandra C. Rider, and Barbara L. Stephenitch

The noninvasive mouse ear swelling assay : I. Refinements for detecting weak contact sensitizers, Peter S. Thorne, Cheryl Hawk, Susan D. Kaliszewski, and Patrick D. Guiney

Publications from 1990

An electromyographic analysis of the hip abductor muscles during a standing work task, Donald A. Neumann, Dennis C. Sobush, Sean Paschke, and Thomas M. Cook

Publications from 1989

Characteristics of weekly pulmonary hypersensitivity responses elicited in the guinea pig by inhalation of ovalbumin aerosols, Meryl H. Karol, Julie A. Hillebrand, and Peter S. Thorne

Seat Angles + Support - Reply, Richard K. Shields and Thomas M. Cook

Association of fever with late-onset pulmonary hypersensitivity responses in the guinea pig, Peter S. Thorne and Meryl H. Karol

Publications from 1988

Comparison of Maximal Isometric Hip Abductor Muscle Torques between Hip Sides, Donald A. Neumann, G. L. Soderberg, and Thomas M. Cook

Effect of Seat Angle and Lumbar Support on Seated Buttock Pressure, Richard K. Shields and Thomas M. Cook

Publications from 1987

Laboratory studies on mechanisms for the degradation of aldicarb, aldicarb sulfoxide and aldicarb sulfone, E. N. Lightfoot, Peter S. Thorne, Russell L. Jones, James L. Hansen, and R. R. Romine

Effect of Seat Angle, Lumbar Support, and Foot Rest Height on Ischial Tuberosity Pressure, Richard K. Shields and Thomas M. Cook

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Publications from 1986

Experimental sensitization to subtilisin : I. Production of immediate- and late-onset pulmonary reactions, Peter S. Thorne, Julie Hillebrand, Cathleen Magreni, E. J. Riley, and Meryl H. Karol