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US Patent 5,459,317

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United States Patent and Trademark Office

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Ohio University (Athens, OH) ; University of Iowa Research Foundation (Iowa City, IA, US)

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Non-invasive measurements of physiological chemicals such as glucose are made using infrared radiation and a signal processing system that permits the construction of a device suited for home use. The level of a selected physiological chemical in a test subject is determined in a non-invasive and quantitative manner by a method comprising the steps of: (a) irradiating a portion of the test subject with near-infrared radiation such that the radiation is transmitted through or reflected from the test subject; (b) collecting data concerning the transmitted or reflected infrared radiation using a detector; (c) digitally filtering the collected data to isolate a portion of the data indicative of the physiological chemical; and (d) determining the amount of physiological chemical in the test subject by applying a defined mathematical model to the digitally filtered data. The data collected may be in the form of an absorbance spectrum, i.e., a representation of the variation in absorbance as a function of wavelength; or in the form of an interferogram, i.e., a representation of infrared light intensity as a function of the retardation of the moving mirror in the interferometer, and thus of time.