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US Patent 6,175,760

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United States Patent and Trademark Office

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University of Iowa Research Foundation (Iowa City, IA, US)

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An apparatus and method for marking the location for excising a bone lesion by surgery. A localizing needle containing radioactive source of radiation at its tip, is received in a guide needle, with sharp ends of both needles juxtaposed. A cable extends from the opposite end of the localizing needle through the guide needle lumen and out the proximal end of the guide needle. With the bone lesion visualized on a monitor in real time, the needle combination is inserted, tip-first, through the skin and advanced toward the lesion. The radiation from the localizing needle tip assists the surgeon to manipulate the guide needle tip to a marker site on the bone immediately adjacent the lesion. The guide needle tip is pushed into and securely held in the bone. In one embodiment, a handle secured to the cable outside the proximal end of the guide needle is rotated a quarter turn to anchor hooked tips of the localizing needle in the bone. In the preferred embodiment, the localizing needle is withdrawn from the guide needle, followed by insertion of a starter hole drilling stylet. Following completion of the starter hole in the bone, while the guide needle is still held with its point securely located in the bone, the starter hole drill is withdrawn. Upon entry of the screw tip of the localizing needle in the starter hole, a needle driver received in the guide tube, with handle outside, is rotated, with an interfitting coupling transmitting torque from the handle to the localizing needle to screw it into the bone. After positional verification on the monitor, the needle driver and guide needle are removed from the body and from the cable. The cable portion protruding outside the body is taped to the skin, thereby marking the entry location for subsequent surgery to treat or remove the lesion.