Jamal J Hoballah

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US Patent 6,398,557

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United States Patent and Trademark Office

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University of Iowa Research Foundation (Iowa City, IA, US)

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The present invention provides devices, methods and kits for practicing surgical and/or clinical techniques, including suture-tying techniques, tying sutures against tension, separation and suturing of blood vessels and making incisions and sutures in skin and subcutaneous tissue. The invention finds advantageous use in situations in which it is advantageous to simulate a medical procedure and/or to practice a movement that may be encountered in the performance of a medical procedure. Devices and methods of the invention for practicing suture tying may be advantageously used so that the user is made aware when excessive pressure is exerted during the tying of a suture on a hook. An excellent kit provided by the invention includes a container configured of foldable panels and one or more of the following: a suture tying device, a tying-against-tension device and devices that simulate physical properties of skin, blood vessels and/or other tissue.

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