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US Patent 6,631,295

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University of Iowa Research Foundation (Iowa City, IA, US)

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A system and method for application of pseudospontaneous neural stimulation is provided that can generate stochastic independent activity across an excited nerve or neural population without an additional disadvantageous sensations. High rate pulse trains, for example, can produce random spike patterns in auditory nerve fibers that are statistically similar to those produced by spontaneous activity in the normal ear. This activity is called “pseudospontaneous activity”. Varying rates of pseudospontaneous activity can be created by varying the intensity of a fixed amplitude, high rate pulse train stimulus, e.g., 5000 pps. A method and apparatus for diagnosing treatment for tinnitus with neural prosthetic devices according to the present invention that can use, for example, physiological responses to pseudospontaneous activity in an auditory nerve prior to the implementation of the neural prosthetic. Monitored patient response to the generated pseudospontaneous activity in the auditory nerve, even if temporary, can produce successful reduction or elimination in perceived tinnitus by subsequent treatment.

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