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US Patent 6,878,685

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University of Iowa Research Foundation (Iowa City, IA, US)

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The combination of HIV proteins Tat and Nef is chemotactic for CD4+ cells. Utilizing the capacity of Tat and Nef to modulate CD4+ cell trafficking and infiltration, the invention provides various treatment modes for individuals infected with HIV. The invention further provides treatment modes for other localized diseases by controlling CD4+ cell trafficking and infiltration. In particular, the invention provides methodology for promoting CD4+ cell chemotaxis to a localized site of infection as a means of augmenting the efficacy of extant chemotherapeutic methods. The invention further provides methodology for diverting CD4+ cell infiltration from a localized site where the presence of CD4+ cells is detrimental to the clinical outcome, by providing a composition comprising Tat and Nef at a distinct site, such as blood, within the individual where the accumulation of CD4+ cells is less detrimental.

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