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US Patent 7,005,129

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University of Iowa Research Foundation (Iowa City, IA, US) ; The Regents of the University of California (Oakland, CA, US)

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A method is provided for identifying, isolating, and producing htrB mutants of gram-negative bacterial pathogens. The method comprises mutating the htrB gene of a gram-negative bacterial pathogen so that there is a lack of a functional htrB protein, resulting in a mutant that lacks one or more secondary acyl chains contained in the wild type gram-negative bacterial pathogen, and displays substantially reduced toxicity as compared to the wild type strain. Also, the present invention provides methods for using a vaccine formulation containing the htrB mutant, the endotoxin isolated therefrom, or the endotoxin isolated therefrom which is then conjugated to a carrier protein, to immunize an individual against infections caused by gram-negative bacterial pathogens by administering a prophylactically effective amount of the vaccine formulation.

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