Seth P. Lerner

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US Patent 4,574,805

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United States Patent and Trademark Office

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University of Iowa Research Foundation (Iowa City, IA, US)

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The instrument for skin surgery of the present invention comprises forceps having a pair of oppositely positioned legs. One of the legs has a hook positioned adjacent its distal end and the other of the legs has an opening therein for receiving the hook so that the two legs of the forceps may be brought together into facing engagement. The method of the present invention comprises gripping the skin adjacent the edge of an incision between the two leg members with the hook retentively engaging the subcutaneous tissue inside the wound, and with the distal end of the other leg member engaging the outer surface of the exterior skin layer. The skin is then everted adjacent the incision and a surgical needle is inserted into the subcutaneous tissue until the point of the needle has passed through a portion of the subcutaneous tissue and has exited therefrom. The surgeon then releases the grip of the skin from between the first and second leg members and uses it to grip the pointed end of the needle between the distal ends of the first and second leg members. The instrument is then used to pull the pointed end of the needle until the needle has exited from the subcutaneous tissue.