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US Patent 7,719,070

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University of Iowa Research Foundation (Iowa City, IA, US)

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A nonmagnetic semiconductor device which may be utilized as a spin resonant tunnel diode (spin RTD) and spin transistor, in which low applied voltages and/or magnetic fields are used to control the characteristics of spin-polarized current flow. The nonmagnetic semiconductor device exploits the properties of bulk inversion asymmetry (BIA) in (110)-oriented quantum wells. The nonmagnetic semiconductor device may also be used as a nonmagnetic semiconductor spin valve and a magnetic field sensor. The spin transistor and spin valve may be applied to low-power and/or high-density and/or high-speed logic technologies. The magnetic field sensor may be applied to high-speed hard disk read heads.The spin RTD of the present invention would be useful for a plurality of semiconductor spintronic devices for spin injection and/or spin detection.

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