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US Patent 7,885,438

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United States Patent and Trademark Office

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University of Iowa Research Foundation (Iowa City, IA, US)

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A method for automated analysis of textural differences present on an image volume. The image volume includes a plurality of volume elements, and each volume element has a gray level. The method includes defining a volume of interest (VOI); performing texture measures within the VOI; and classifying the VOI as belonging to a tissue pathology class based upon the texture measures. Computer readable media encoded with computer readable instructions for carrying out these functions. An apparatus that includes an image input adapted to receive a diagnostic medical image. The image includes a plurality of pixels, and each pixel has a particular gray level. The apparatus also includes a display for displaying a graphical user interface and the received image; and a processor adapted to perform texture measures on one or more groups of pixels within the image and classify each group of pixels to a tissue pathology class based upon the textures measures. The processor is further adapted to (1) associate a color to each group of pixels indicative of the group's tissue pathology class, (2) cause the display to display one or more of the colors on the image at the location of the associated group or groups of pixels, (3) permit a user to manually associate a tissue pathology class to a group of pixels, and (4) cause the display to display the manually-associated tissue pathology class.

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