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There is conflicting evidence on the association between PCOS and early and late obstetric complications. It is unclear if the reported risks are independent of BMI, preexisting hypertension and diabetes. We performed a retrospective chart review to examine the risk of early and late obstetrical complications after IVF in women with PCOS (n=130) compared to controls (n=130). The miscarriage rate was 17.7% in PCOS women and 15.4% in controls. PCOS was not associated with miscarriage independent of age and BMI. The prevalence of gestational DM (GDM) was similar in both groups (12% PCOS versus 11% controls). BMI was independently associated with GDM (p=0.01). Risk of both preeclampsia and PIH was 10% in PCOS and 5% in controls, but not statistically significant. Preexisting HTN showed a significant association with preeclampsia (p


PCOS, pregnancy, gestational diabetes, obesity, miscarriage

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