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Objective: To determine if a preoperative conference impacts the resident recommended surgery on gynecology patients seen in continuity clinics.

Study Design: A twice monthly preoperative conference was initiated in January of 2009 where residents presented their proposed surgical intervention. A retrospective review of the first 100 preoperative conference submission forms was performed and analysis made on how often the type or route of surgery was changed based on conference discussion and if further work up or tests were requested prior to scheduling surgery.

Results: Discussion of patients through a preoperative conference venue resulted in a surgical management change in 36% of patients and further medical management prior to surgery was recommended in 29%.

Conclusions: A preoperative gynecology conference does impact the chosen surgery for resident patients. This venue may be a valuable tool for teaching residents optimization of the preoperative evaluation and selection of the appropriate surgical intervention.


gynecology, preoperative conference, surgical procedure

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