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Von Willebrand factor, the largest human plasma protein, is an adhesive multimeric glycoprotein that mediates platelet adhesion to both the subendothelial matrix and endothelial surfaces and acts as a carrier for coagulation factor VIII in the circulation. Von Willebrand disease (vWD) is the most common inherited bleeding condition that involves extended or excessive bleeding and is caused by the deficiency or defect of vWF. In this case report, we present vWD diagnosed after hemorrhage following hysteroscopic myoma resection and endometrial band excision. The importance of a detailed medical history is emphasized as even health care workers cannot spontaneously give this information. Further tests are recommended in patients who have a history of prolonged bleeding as bleeding time and other routine coagulation tests done preoperatively cannot always make a definite diagnosis.


Von Willebrand disease, leiomyoma, myomectomy, surgery, hysteroscopic, hemorrhage, vaginal

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