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Postpartum hemorrhage is an important emergency in obstetrics. In this study, we present the application of intrauterine balloon tamponade and its outcomes in a patient who developed massive postpartum hemorrhage after caesarean section. A 39- year-old, G5 P3 and 38 weeks pregnant (based on last menstrual period) patient was subjected to emergency caesarean section due to diagnosis of uteroplacental insufficiency and recurrent caesarean section. Four hours after the operation, atony occurred and despite medical treatment the hemorrhage persisted. We inserted a SOS Bakri balloon through the vaginal route and inflated it with 500cc intracavitary saline for achievement of intrauterine tamponade. Vaginal bleeding ended immediately after the procedure. Use of an intrauterine balloon is an easy-to-apply alternative to surgery that provides rapid hemostasis in serious postpartum hemorrhages


Postpartum, hemorrhage, atony, Bakri balloon, caesarean section

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