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Introduction: Investigation of antenatal fetal loss case due to the umbilical cord wrapping 3 times around the neck of a 37-week fetus and being truly knotted in 2 places in light of the literature.

Case: A 35-year old G:4 P:3 patient applied with the complaint of no movement of the baby for 3 days. Ultrasonography observed fetal biometric measurements in accordance with 37 weeks gestation, 3210 gr weight with normal amount of amniotic fluid. Doppler USG observed an in utero mort fetus with 3 loops of nuchal cord. The placenta was observed on the anterior wall. Examination one week previously did not identify cord around the fetal neck, and biophysical profile was evaluated as 10 points. During cesarean section the cord was found to be fully wrapped around the neck of the fetus 3 times and true knots were found at 2 places in the cord. The total length of the umbilical cord was 125 cm and a wide and deep mark was left on the fetus’ neck.

Discussion: Observed in 1 of 3 pregnancies and generally benign, nuchal cord is a complication that rarely causes antenatal loss.


Nuchal cord, umbilical cord, pregnancy, true knot in cord

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