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Pregnancy in the broad ligament is a retro-peritoneal abdominal pregnancy. It is a rare form in which the gestational tissue gets implanted between the layers of the broad ligament. Due to its rarity, the diagnosis is infrequently established before surgical intervention. A twenty-five year old nulliparous woman presented for routine antenatal care in the second trimester (±17 weeks). Routine ultrasound revealed an empty uterus with a large pelviabdominal mass. This picture suggested and undiagnosed extra-uterine pregnancy. A right broad ligament ectopic pregnancy was diagnosed at exploratory laparotomy, excision of pregnancy and right salpingectomy was performed. Postoperative course was uneventful and serum hCG was undetectable at the fourth week after surgery. Information about this rare form of ectopic pregnancy is observational and mainly comes from reported cases. A high index of suspicion is needed for early diagnosis and intervention.


Ectopic pregnancy, broad ligament, maternal morbidity, intraligamentary pregnancy

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