Volume 7, Issue 2 (July 2017)


Case Reports


Management of preeclampsia after heart transplant p. 1-4
Emily R. Malling; Heather Anaya DO; and R. Erik Edens MD, PhD


Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma to the colon arising from a mature cystic ovarian teratoma p. 1-6
Jaimie Maines, Jordan Newell, Elizabeth Frauenhoffer, Justin Juliano, Francesca Ruggiero, Ian Schreibman, and Joshua P. Kesterson


A case report of twin reversed arterial perfusion sequence with expectant management p. 1-6
Aşkı Ellibeş Kaya, Alper Basbug, Derya Başbuğ, Çiğdem Pulatoğlu, and Ozan Dogan


Tubal splenosis: unusual location of the spleen p. 1-4
Sema Baki, Alper Basbug, Burcu Yılmaz Hanege, and Nazan Özsan


Full term delivery of a Harlequin ichthyosis baby: a case report p. 1-6
Ahmed M. Abbas, Armia Michael, Ayman A. Askar, and Shymaa S. Ali

Top ten articles.

Vulvar contact dermatitis, 4(2)

Association between recurrent bacterial vaginosis and helicobacter pylori infection: a case report, 5(2)

Maternal thrombocytopenia in pregnancy, 3(1)

Meta-analysis of subchorionic hemorrhage and adverse pregnancy outcomes, 2(4)

Giant endometrial polyp protruding from the external cervical os in a postmenopausal woman: magnetic resonance imaging and hysteroscopic findings, 3(3)

Severe adhesions and advanced laparoscopic surgery, 2(4)

The impact of LEEP margin status on subsequent abnormal cervical cytology, 4(2)

Hormones and receptors in endometrial cancer, 2(1)

Sonographic prenatal diagnosis of congenital Marfan syndrome, 2(4)

Prenatal radiation exposure, 5(1)