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Aim: To highlight the grave complications among teenage mothers in Assiut Woman's Health Hospital compared with the adult mothers.

Methods: This study was a prospective case control study, conducted at the Labor Ward of Assiut Woman's Health Hospital from 1st of January 2016 to 30th of June 2016. We included teenage pregnant women (13-19 completed years at delivery) as case and adult mothers (20-29 years) formed the control group. The primary outcome of the study is the rate of pregnancy complications among teenage mothers.

Results: Obstetric complications were higher among the teenage mothers (p=0.0001). The teenage mothers had a higher proportion of normal vaginal delivery (p=0.005). The adult mothers reported a higher rate of elective cesarean section (CS) and operative vaginal delivery (p=0.0001, p=0.002; respectively). The infants of teenage mothers tended to have a lower birth weight and Apgar score than the adult ones.

Conclusion: This study clearly states that the teenage mothers and their infants were more liable to complications during pregnancy and labor compared to adult mothers.


Teenage pregnancy, obstetric outcome, neonatal outcome.

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