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Background: The incidence of melanoma is on the rise in the United States and is particularly prevalent among women of childbearing age. Obtaining a complete history and understanding the unpredictable behavior of melanoma is essential to make the diagnosis of recurrent disease during pregnancy.

Case: A 35-year-old G2P1 at 23 weeks and 1 days’ gestation with a remote history of (treated) cutaneous melanoma underwent an exploratory laparotomy for small bowel obstruction. Pathology was consistent with recurrent metastatic melanoma.

Conclusion: Metastatic melanoma diagnosed during pregnancy is rare. There are no guidelines on how or when to proceed with treatment of metastatic disease or delivery of the fetus. Immunotherapy is changing the management of melanoma and is extending life expectancy. The significant survival benefits for mother with immunotherapy may outweigh the risks of preterm delivery for the baby.


Metastatic melanoma, pregnancy, immunotherapy

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