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True knot of the umbilical cord is a very rare condition. Usually a true knot is noticed after delivery and does not lead to problems. It is relatively less common than the other umbilical cord anomalies. Most authors agree that there is little that can be done to prevent fetal death in undiagnosed true knot. In our case, the patient gave birth to a healthy male baby weighing 2700 grams by normal vaginal delivery after an ultrasound was suggestive of intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). The baby’s Apgar scores were 8 at one minute and 9 at five minutes. The umbilical cord measured 125 cm and contained two loose true knots. It was surprising that the baby could survive until term with these two knots and we hypothesize that this was the cause of the IUGR. Our case was interesting as neither neurologic sequela nor intrauterine death developed, despite two true umbilical cord knots.


Umbilical cord anomaly, prenatal diagnosis, pregnancy, true knot

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