Twitter data stream: "#TedKennedy"

G. R. Boynton, University of Iowa


Senator Ted Kennedy died late evening August 25, 2009. The New York Times and the Washington Post on the death of Senator Kennedy. The Washington Post reports that the family announced his death early on August 26. Archivist first 1500 files began at 1:22 a.m. on the 26th. It must have gotten back almost to the beginning. For much of the first day Senator Ted Kennedy was the principal not-hashtag for identifying messages about Kennedy. Then the phrasing changed to Ted Kennedy. I got to 'Ted Kennedy' late -- Archivist's first 1500 finds [beginning 8/26/09 8:29 p.m.] did not get far enough back because the messages were coming thick and fast. But this is an opportunity to overlap two streams. The Kennedy family 'officially' adopted #tedkennedy for their own communication about the arrangements connected with his burial. The same hashtag was used by others, as well. I did not find out until August 29, and the Archivist found 1500 messages go back to August 27 p.m. The search for "#tedkennedy" found 1904 messages. The timeline was 8/26/2009 - 9/13/2009.