Aims & Scope

Inventive inquiry and good writing are Poroi mainstays. To complement its conventional scholarship, Poroi encourages new practices of inquiry. These appear in regular articles and a distinctive set of occasional features:

A Conspectus from the editor introduces the contributions in each issue, through reflections and provocations that spring from individual articles.

Film Takes examine the rhetorics of movies or genres of cinema, to explain how they shape experiences and make meanings.

Multimedia Inquiries experiment with scholarship in media beyond print, using online publication to augment words with sights and sounds.

Myth Scapes analyze familiar objects to disclose the myths that they embody or enact in our everyday lives or learned professions.

Rhetorical Inventions explore rhetorical topics in terms more personal and forms more innovative than usual for scholarship.

Strategy Studies assess the rhetorical visions, devices, and tactics in specific performances or entire campaigns in culture, inquiry, or politics.

Word Tours trace telling connections of meaning among concepts crucial for our cultures, inquiries, and politics.