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Contemporary concerns about public engagement in science communication collaboratives are a pressing area of praxis in rhetoric of science, technology, and medicine. This short paper describes the rhetorical engagements in a science and environmental communication program at the University of Arizona called the Carson Scholars Program. I argue an applied research program on the rhetorical properties of scientific uncertainties is one angle of inquiry where rhetoricians can make valuable contributions in these outreach efforts.


rhetoric of science, uncertainties, transdisciplinary, collaboration, outreach, Carson Scholars Program

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I want to thank the panel chair Jean Goodwin for her efforts in organizing the session, and for her extraordinary editorial guidance. I thank Leah Ceccarelli and Jamie Vernon for their insightful and generous responses. Thanks to my fellow panel members for a memorable experience, to James Wynn for organizing the ARST Preconference, and to David Depew for continuing the relationship between the preconference and Poroi. Finally, I would like to thank the entire Carson Scholars Program, especially Stephanie Sklar, Julie Cole, Chris Cokinos, and Rafe Sagarin.