Inventing the Future: The Rhetorics of Science, Technology, and Medicine

The Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology's Twentieth Anniversary Issue


Inventing Futures for the Rhetoric of Science, Technology, and Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities, by Lisa Keränen

Part I: What’s In Our Repertoire

Position Papers

The Prospect of Invention in Rhetorical Studies of Science, Technology, and Medicine, by Lawrence J. Prelli

“Mind the Gaps”: Hidden Purposes and Missing Internationalism in Scholarship on the Rhetoric of Science and Technology in Public Discourse, by Celeste M. Condit

The Productivity of Scientific Rhetoric, by David Depew and John Lyne

Response Papers

State of the Art Twenty Years On: Reflections, by John Angus Campbell

Promoting the Discipline: Rhetorical Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine, by Jeanne Fahnestock

Part II: Horizons of Possibility

Position Papers

To Whom Do We Speak? The Audiences for Scholarship on the Rhetoric of Science and Technology, by Leah Ceccarelli

The Rhetoric of Science Meets the Science of Rhetoric, by Randy Allen Harris

“How Can We Act?” A Praxiographical Program for the Rhetoric of Technology, Science, and Medicine, by Carl G. Herndl and Lauren Cutlip

Response Papers

Horizon Myths, by Lynda Walsh

Audiences, Brains, Sustainable Planets, and Communication Technologies: Four Horizons for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology, by Carolyn R. Miller

Part III: Octavian Table Reports

Genres in Scientific and Technical Rhetoric, by Carolyn R. Miller and Jeanne Fahnestock

The Rhetoric of Technology as a Rhetorical Technology, by John Lynch and William J. Kinsella

Projecting Possible Lines of Sight for RSSTM, by Lawrence J. Prelli and Celeste M. Condit

Emerging Directions in Science, Publics, and Controversy, by James Wynn and Lynda Walsh

Constructing Texts in Fringe Science: Challenges in Propaedeutics, by David M. Berube

The Rhetorics of Health and Medicine: Inventional Possibilities for Scholarship and Engaged Practice, by J. Blake Scott, Judy Z. Segal, and Lisa Keränen