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This report presents the results of a study of how Iowa Medicaid managed care members in four programs rated Medicaid, on a variety of measures, during 2014. It was conducted at the request of the Iowa Department of Human Services as part of their continuing quality assurance activities and by researchers from The University of Iowa Public Policy Center.

The basis for the survey instrument was CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems), which was modified to include additional questions about access to care, dental care, and how respondents received information if they had questions about the Medicaid program.

The Survey of Iowa Medicaid (Title 19) Enrollees was conducted in fall 2014 using a mail-back survey methodology with an option to complete the questionnaire online. Questionnaires were mailed to program-stratified random samples of Medicaid members who had been in their current program for at least six months prior to survey administration. Random samples of children were drawn from four health programs (SSI, HMO, MediPASS, and FFS), and random samples of adults were drawn from four health programs (SSI, HMO, MediPASS, and FFS) from Medicaid enrollment data current as of August 2014.

Survey responses were obtained for 1,037 children and 1,036 adults, for unadjusted response rates of 19% for the adult and child surveys. After adjusting for members who were not eligible for the study (e.g., moved out of the state), the response rates were 22%.

The data was post-stratified to control for potential systematic biases created from collecting data from a stratified sample by Medicaid program. Data were tabulated and bivariate analyses (i.e., chi-square, t-test and nonparametric tests for group differences) were conducted using SPSS.

The key findings from the 2014 Medicaid consumer surveys indicate the overall 2014 CAHPS ratings are slightly better than in 2013, however, they are lower than the national ratings.


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This study was supported by the Iowa Department of Human Services and the US Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Includes other title info: Results of the 2014 survey of Iowa Medicaid enrollees; Final report to the Iowa Department of Human Services.

Includes summary of results from the Survey of Iowa Medicaid (Title 19) Enrollees for children (0-18 years old) and adults in the MediPASS, HMO, and FFS programs. Responses to each item in the questionnaire are in Appendix A and B.


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